Antarktikos Mapping Nature Hole In My Heart 2022

Shauna Lee Lange, Hole in My Heart, Antarktikos Mapping Nature 2022

Thank you to Antarktikos for including one of my original Japanese inspired pointillism watercolors in their gorgeous 1st issue Mapping Nature edition. Esther Kokmeijer such a stunning labor of love with a critical focus on climate and environment.

This “magazine” reads more like a professional journal and looks more like a sophisticated photography catalogue. Just a gorgeous gift from 52 contributors with expeditionary travels to bring home the science and ocean research of Antarctica. 

Ian Edwards I’m sending you a copy I know you will love as this groundbreaking work concentrates on the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet and the effects to humans worldwide, effects you too experience in Provincetown.

Antarktikos is available in the webshop that is accessible from the website:
The direct link is:

Where art meets science meets art

ANTARKTIKOS is a print magazine, published once a year. This annual journal combines artistic and scientific exploration within the awe-inspiring and thought-provoking context of Antarctica. 

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