January 2023: Microcircles: Spatial

Providential Gallery has launched our January 2023 art exhibit with an online viewing room using augmented 3D reality with Spatial. You can view the contents of my own pointillism work, Microcircles: Spatial, which is being used as a beta test bed for future art exhibitions. We welcome your feedback and would love to hear about your experiences.

Exhibitions typically run monthly from the first day of the month through the last. Our working themes (not solidified) are below. We also showcase fine art daily on our Instagram @providentialgallery

All exhibited work is 2D or electronic media only – we showcase digital and analog works. AI works are noted where known. The gallery has the right to refuse any artist at any time for any reason. We commit to you that we do not sell art collector or visitor information.

Tentative Exhibition Schedule

January 2023 – Microcircles: Spatial

February 2023 – Mastheads

March 2023 – Island Seascapes

April 2023 – Sea Skies

May 2023 – Abandoned Waters

June 2023 – Water Sanctuaries

July 2023 – Fog, Mist, Steam

August 2023 – Widow’s Peaks & Widow’s Walks

September 2023 – Docks & Piers

October 2023 – Flourescent Phosphoresence

November 2023 – Unsailable Ships

December 2023 – Coastal Crisis Christmas

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