Biophilium Submerge Residency: Water Ecology June 2022

Thrilled to learn today that Steam Creatives was accepted into Canada’s Biophilium Residency for the Submerge Program (formerly known as Ayatana).

June 6 – 17, 2022

Submerge is a #research #residency for writers and conceptual artists to study fresh and salt water ecology and human relationships with water. It will take place over 2 weeks online in the summer of 2022. The residency includes daily video chats with a variety of experts like river keepers, biologists and engineers. Residents will gain a rudimentary understanding of natural water systems, urban water treatment and wetland wildlife. Ayatana residencies focus on research by visual and conceptual artists. Submerge is designed to offer a nourishing context for thinkers to explore concepts for creative projects. This residency will host seven selected international artists. 

Artist talk: We invite you to give a private artist talk to share your work with the group.

Limnology and microplastics with the Water and Ice Research Lab at Carleton U.

Talk on Contemporary artists working with wild water

Octopus intelligence

Algae: nutritional superfood, producer of oxygen, source of biofuel and a toxic invasive species

Bioluminescence in Marine Organisms

Access to Clean Drinking Water

Trophic Cascades of Coral Reefs

Message from the Gyre: Chris Jordan talks about photographing plastic swallowed by birds

Bioremediation of Marine Oil Spills

Climate Change, Rising Ocean Levels and Ocean Acidification

Ecology of Kelp Forests

Biology of Intertidal Zones and Salt Marshes

Water shed conservation with the River Keeper

Effects of Pesticides on wildlife with Environment and Climate Change Canada

Phytoplankton and Pond Water Microbes

Biophilium Submerge 2022
Residents test water for pesticides at the National Wildlife Research Center (Image Source Biophilium)

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